Our Leadership Team

Our School Leadership Team is united under one goal; do what is in the best interests for the students. We have a leadership team with a broad range of skills and interests and this ensures that our students remain at the forefront of best practice and innovative opportunity.

School Executive

Principal Mrs Kristy Kendall
Director of Business Mr Anthony Steer
Director of School Operations Mr Geoff Pattison
Head of Senior School, Deputy Principal Mrs Diane Furusho
Head of Wardle House, Deputy Principal Ms Melissa Schoorman
Director of International Education and BoardingMrs Caralyn Dea

Senior Management

Head of Curriculum Mrs Fiona Wines
Head of E-LearningMr Phil Carew
Head of HousesMr Drew Gardener
Head of WellbeingMrs Lee-Anne Marsh
Head of Year 12Ms Julie Young

Wardle House Management

Deputy Head of Wardle House Mrs Helenor Regester
Director of Early Learning Ms Patricia Barbieri
Team Leader, Prep-Year 2Mrs Naomi Linssen
Team Leader, Year 3-Year 4Mrs Megan Humphris
Team Leader, Year 5-Year 6Mrs Lynda Sharp

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